Eve in Harness

Eve the first Beagle to win a Lure Coursing Title

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AKC GCH CH UKC CA UWPO UWPCH Multi BIMBS CGRCH Int.CH Windswepthill Eve Of Destruction CGC CA

Eve the wonder Beagle

Sire: BIS CH Lanbur Carson City
Dam: CH TNC's Oneway Ticket To We-Fuss

Born: June 21, 2005

Breeder: Adrienne H Moore & Peggy L Weissfuss

Eve as baby

My how she has grown. Now a mother herself.

Eve the first Beagle to get a Lure Coursing Title from UKC


Eve was my first Beagle. When I purchased Eve I was at a very rough point in my life medically. There were times when taking care of this little puppy was the only reason I got out of bed. Eve has been such a joy to have in my life. Together we have become show ring savvy.

Eve mirror imageIn Eve's first year showing (2006) she was the #1 Ranked UKC Conformation Beagle and Ranked in the AKC Top 100. She received her UKC Champion and then went on to get her UKC Grand Champion Title. She obtained 29 Best and Reserve Best In Show.

In her second year showing we concentrated on the AKC ring. She received her AKC Champion and continued to show as a Special. Eve received an invitation and went to show at the Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach California, finishing the year as the #3 Ranked AKC 15" Beagle Bitch and the #21 Ranked 15" Beagle. Although we only went to a few UKC shows she finished the year as the #3 Ranked Conformation Beagle and added 5 more Best In Shows to her record.


Eve new UWPCHIn 2008 Eve finished #1 in UKC Top 10 standings and received an award of Merit in the Top 10 competition at Premier. She also finished #17 in the AKC standings for 13" Beagles and again qualified to go to Eukanuba.


Eve Weight PullingIn 2009 Eve continued her winning ways and finished her UWPCH & UWPV weight pull titles and now has over 70 BIMBS and RBIMBS and over 18 Total Dog Ribbons. She is just a showing machine. She finished ranked #1 in the UKC Top 10 standing beating a record setting 130 Beagles for the 2009 year. She is the top winning Beagle in UKC history and well on her way to being the winningest dog in UKC history.

Eve is now sitting out on maternity leave. She is due the end of April. Watch for Eve puppies in the future.

New puppies have arrived. She had four boys and a girl on April 24th. Check out the puppies on the new puppies page.

Eve has bounced back well after her puppies. At the 2010 UKC Premier, she won and Award of Excellence in the Top Ten competition and she had a qualifing pull in the Weight Pull All Stars. Then she won BOB in the all breed show on Sat and pulled her personal best of 699 lbs on wheels to get her Total Dog Award again this year. Then on Sun she got her first leg for her CA in lure coursing. What a week end!

Eve LC Title

Eve Lure CoursingEve is the first Beagle to earn the UKC CA Title for Lure Coursing. She received her first leg at the 2009 UKC Premier and her 2nd and 3rd legs at the Centerville, MI show in October 2010. She loves it so much she is planning on getting her CA excellent title next year.

Health Clearances include:

  • DNA Profiled # V477858
  • CERF 6/23/07 Normal
  • OFA Cardiac 3/2/09 Normal
  • OFA Patella 9/19/09 Normal
  • CERF 1/20/11 Normal

AKC #HP16926401
UKC #P457-675
CKC #1092931

Winners & Bragging Rights Link

Eve pedigree


EveBorn April 24, 2010


Sire: AKC BIS/BISS CH Jabrwoki's Le Jazz Hot
Dam: AKC CH UKC UWPV UWPCH Multi BIMBS CGRCH Windswepthill Eve Of Destruction CGC

Eve 4-22-2010Eve is getting closer. She is scheduled for an x-ray on April 20 to see just how many puppies she is carrying.

She sleeps most of the time these days, but is never too far from mommy's side.


Eve wih the first four puppies



Eve had a rough time with these little ones.



Eve babiesThe first to show was a red and white boy that weighted in at 10.1 oz, the second was a not so little tri girl who beat that weighing a whopping 10.3 oz who thought he would come out feet first, the third another boy not to be out done, came out feet first and upside down and got stuck on the way out. We got him out with a little difficulty and it took us a while to get him going, but he is the out going runt at 9.5 oz. Then we were blessed with another red and white boy who came out with ease at 9.8 oz. The fifth at 9.9 oz was a little tri boy who also slid out with no problems. At this point Eve is getting very tired (and so am I), when the sixth puppy, a red and white boy, also gets stuck; we had difficulty and we lost him. It was no wonder he was stuck, however, he weighted 11.3 oz.

Eve with babiesAll five puppies and mommy are doing well and I will try to keep new pictures of these little ones coming as they grow.





Eve Babies with eyes openIt's only May 7th and the little ones are all ready opening their eyes to see the world that awaits them.

They have been up trying to walk before they even had their eyes open.

These pups are ready to take on the world.

Babies first mealThe Beagle babies are growing and have decided they need more food than mommy can provide. They lick the plate clean in a few minutes. Eve is just as happy since they now have teeth.


The babies are now grown and have pages of their own. They are Morgan, Jake, Clifford, Briar, and Patch.